Complete set of Dennis Priebe’s sermon titles (DVD)


DVD format (33 discs—61 sermons) This set includes the following: Righteousness by Faith in the End-time (Original version) [2 discs], Dennis Priebe Remembers [2 discs], New Light for Adventists [2 discs], Issues in Justification and Sanctification, Inspiration in the Spirit of Prophecy, Will the Great Controversy End Soon? & God on Trial, Evangelicals and Adventists Together? & The Legacy of Ford, What Is a Seventh-day Adventist? & What Is the Final Atonement?, Sin Shall Not Have Dominion Over You & Victory Over Sin—How?, Why Is the Nature of Christ So Important? & The Human Nature of Christ—Revisited, Absolute Surrender & Let Us Go on to Perfection, Do We Have an Adventist Gospel? & Obedience or Legalism?, God at Risk & The Last Piece of the Puzzle, Fifty Years Under Review & 0+0=0, The Impossible Task-Finishing the Work & Prophets or Priests?, Protestant or Catholic? & Confusing the Gospel, Overcoming—Reality or Fantasy? & Experience-driven Christianity, Challenges to Truth & The Trojan Horse, Adventism’s Destiny & Present Truth Under Fire, Distractions & Adventism and Patriotism, Was Desmond Ford a Liberal? & Genuine Repentance, Do You Have a Valid IID? & Do Human Rights Exist?/Does Diversity Produce Unity?, Facing an Uncertain Future? & Do We Know Who We Are?, Five Years to the Gates of Heaven & Faith Is the Victory, Our God Is a Consuming Fire & The Power of Forgiveness, How Will the Lamb Become a Dragon? & Will We Pass the Test?, Christ and Three Angels & Who Are the 144,000?, About Grace and Obedience & Living in Crisis Years, The Most Significant Date in Modern History & For Better or For Worse, Will Sin Ever Be Eradicated? & The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan-Why?

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