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Dennis Priebe is a Seventh-day Adventist minister, with over 50 years experience as a pastor, a teacher, and seminar speaker. Eleven years were spent as a college professor at Pacific Union College, and over 30 years as a seminar speaker for Amazing Facts. He has been married since 1964 to Kay, and they have one son, Matthew. Over 1000 seminars have been held in churches and schools around the U.S. He has written several books and booklets, with many audio and video tapes on these topics. His one desire is to prepare people for what he believes to be the very soon return of Jesus to this world.

Dennis Priebe

Is Jesus really coming soon? Christians have been saying so for over 140 years, but life goes on as usual, with wars, famine, poverty, violence, deadly diseases, and space travel taking the headlines of our daily news. No headline has yet reported the sighting of Jesus Christ with hosts of angels on the horizon. Are Christians chasing an elusive dream? Are the millions of people around the world who call Christianity the opiate of the masses really right?

My family and I have dedicated our ministry to the proposition that Christians have not been deluded in believing that Jesus is returning to this planet very soon. We believe that, in spite of the daily newspaper headlines, His return could be sooner than anyone really thinks. Yes, we are fully aware that life seems to go on with few changes from year to year. But we share a conviction that the reason Jesus hasn't returned yet is not due to a failure in God's promises, but to a failure on the part of people who call themselves Christians to demonstrate what true Christianity really is.

Jesus has been waiting many years to finish the horrors of sin on this planet, but His people have been insubordinate. They have called themselves by His name, but they have shown the character of Satan all too frequently. They have been angry, jealous, proud, bitter, depressed, self-righteous, legalistic, careless, and backbiting far too often, and those watching have not seen very much of the character of Christ revealed through them. In short, Christians have been insubordinate to their Master, and have succeeded in delaying His return for many years. The plan of salvation cannot come to a final conclusion until Christians who live in the end-time demonstrate by their daily lives what allegiance to Christ really means. Loving obedience is the rarest of jewels and the watching universe needs to see if it is really possible on a mass basis.

Although the work of evangelism is vitally important to Christianity and must be carried on with all possible energy, evangelism alone will not bring us to the second coming of Christ. Newborn Christians must become mature Christians, for only mature Christians can demonstrate the loving obedience of mature Christianity. Only mature Christians will be able to stand rock-solid for God when Satan turns loose his full arsenal of weapons against God's people.

Amazing Facts has properly emphasized the work of evangelism for over 30 years, and will continue to do so in the future, but those responsible for guiding this organization have seen the need for another aspect to the work of Amazing Facts. My family and I have joined Amazing Facts to help it achieve the goal of nurturing newborn Christians into mature Christianity. Our ministry is directed primarily toward those who have already made their commitment to Christ, but who want to grow into the fullest possible relationship with Him.

We accept invitations from Adventist churches across the United States for weekend or week-long series on the subject of righteousness by faith. It is our deep conviction that the only way God's people will ever fulfill their divine commission of preparing the way so that Jesus can return is through a clear understanding and a corresponding experience of the total gospel of Christ our Savior.

As is usual in matters of such importance, Satan has succeeded in confusing minds by introducing counterfeit versions of the gospel. To prevent any final demonstration of the glory and power of God in sinful human beings, Satan has caused honest, sincere Christians to believe many false versions of the gospel of Christ. He has caused some to think that the cross of Christ makes obedience unnecessary; that Christians need only accept forgiveness and rejoice in their salvation, while neglecting God's holy law and its requirements. He has caused others to think they must perform innumerable acts to prove they are good enough for heaven. By these and other false gospels, Satan has succeeded all too well in burying the true gospel under the moldering mounds of tradition.

As we hold revival seminars in churches around the United States, we attempt to expose some of these false gospels, so that God's people will have a clearer understanding of true righteousness by faith. However, just to understand the gospel correctly is not enough. Mature Christians must learn to live the gospel, so that the whole world will witness the miracle of loving, obedient Christians demonstrating what the way of Christ really is.

Yes, Jesus will be coming soon, if God's professed followers stop only playing church, and instead turn every bit of their energy toward preparing a highway in the desert so the King of Kings may ride through His suffering planet.