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Righteousness by Faith or What is the Real Gospel? - Introduction

This Bible study course is designed to introduce you to some basic concepts in understanding God’s plan of salvation and how you can access it. Each lesson has Bible verses with questions regarding the content of that verse, which you are encouraged to answer. When you finish one lesson, you will be able to move on to the next lesson in the sequence, and so progress through each lesson of the course. Happy studying!!

This study is also available as a PDF download.


Salvation is simple. At least, it should be. But the reality is that over the course of two thousand years different versions of the gospel have developed within Christianity. Unfortunately, because some of these versions have been promoted by major figures in Christian history, false versions of the gospel have gained standing and credibility, and confusion has been the inevitable result.

It is the purpose of this course to study the basic elements of the gospel directly from the Bible. The hope is that through this study the process of salvation will once again become clear and simple for the sincere student of the Bible.

The study of doctrines and prophecy is a fascinating and productive area of study, and should never be neglected by one who is trying to learn God's will for his or her life. But underlying all of the doctrines of the Bible is the subject of how God saves a sinner from guilt and condemnation, and prepares that sinner for eternal life in a new world where sin will never again rear its ugly head. We must not be guessing as to how this salvation process works. We dare not take someone's word for how it works, no matter how influential or educated that person may be. We absolutely must know for ourselves what the Bible really teaches about salvation.

The best Biblical introduction to this course is found in Romans 1:16. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth." It is the attempt of this course to bring this text to its full meaning and power. More than any other subject, we want to understand this text clearly.

This course will be divided into four sections, each dealing with a separate aspect of the salvation process. The lessons and subjects are as follows:

Lessons 1-4: What Is Sin?
Lessons 5-8: How Did Christ Live?
Lessons 9-12: What Are Justification and Sanctification?
Lessons 13-16: What Is Biblical Perfection?

As you study these lessons, be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to guide your mind before you open God's Word. Only the One Who inspired the Word can bring the meaning of that Word home to our minds.