Dennis Priebe Free Documents

1. "What is a Seventh-day Adventist?"

(This study, along with "How Inspired Was Ellen White?" is available as a printed bound booklet. It is available from Orion Publishing ( Suggested donation -- $6.00)

Is Adventism a set of beliefs to which we ascribe, or is it much more than that? What is the reason for the existence of the Seventh-day Adventist church? What must happen among Adventists before there will be a second coming? How does this church fit into the great controversy between Christ and Satan?

2. "Current Issues in Justification"

Is justification forgiveness only, or is it more than that? This paper states the Biblical teaching on justification by faith, and analyzes recent developments in the Adventist Church concerning this doctrine.

3. "Current Issues in Sanctification"

Can sanctification be fully experienced in one's lifetime? This paper studies the Biblical teaching on sanctification by faith and analyzes recent developments in the Adventist Church concerning this doctrine.

4. "Evangelicals and Adventists Together?"

Recently Catholics and Evangelicals have begun to work more closely together. Are Adventists and Evangelicals beginning to link together? What is the Evangelical gospel? How is it different from the Adventist gospel? Why is all of this important?

5. "What Might Have Been"

1888 was a significant year in the Adventist Church. How has our history been different because of events following the 1888 period? What can we learn from the past 100 years so that we can make better decisions than they did?

6. "How Inspired Was Ellen White?"

(This study, along with "What IS a Seventh-day Adventist?" is available as a printed bound booklet. It is available from Orion Publishing ( Suggested donation -- $6.00. [From a recent letter -- "For the first time since my conversion I am not skeptical about Ellen White and what a prophet of God is all about. It had at first been a stumbling block to me that our church had a recent prophet. But now I am ready to look at everything she has to say as that from our God."])

Ellen White said that she was the "lesser light" to lead us to the greater light of Scripture. What did she mean? What authority does Ellen White have, particularly in doctrine? How does inspiration work through a prophet? Was Ellen White inspired in the same way that Isaiah was?

7. "Victory Over Sin – How?"

Is victory over sin really possible for us? This is a practical study showing how God provides victory. The role of the will is the decisive factor in changing us from failing Christians to successful Christians.

8. "To Sin or Not to Sin"
"In Every Way But One"

In 1990 a six-part series was printed in the Adventist Review. The subject was the nature of sin and the nature of Christ. The articles were intended to prove that all human beings are born sinners, and that Christ was exempted from some aspects of fallen nature. These two articles are a response to that series, attempting to show that we are not born sinners and that Christ took all aspects of fallen nature.

9. "Are All Men Condemned at Birth?"

There are several statements in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy which seem to say that we are sinners from birth, lost and condemned because of Adam's sin. This article examines those statements and offers another explanation of them, one more in harmony with the Biblical definition of sin - the willful transgression of a known law of God.

10. "What Is the Final Atonement?"

The phrase "final atonement" is unique to Adventism. What does it mean? Does it discredit the atonement Jesus made at the cross? This study shows why an understanding of the final atonement is absolutely essential if there is to be a "finished work" in Adventism. It also examines why Adventist lifestyle standards are "higher" than those allowed in Bible times.

11. "Is It Essential or Non-essential?"

The nature of Christ is one of the most controversial subjects in Adventism. Some have declared that we should cease discussion of the subject because it is not essential to our salvation. This study examines why the nature of Christ deserves our continued study. What difference does it really make to our salvation and to the mission of the church?

12. "Is Jesus Really Coming Soon?"

Most Adventists believe that the Adventist Church is guaranteed to lead the way into Christ's coming kingdom. Is this really true? This study compares God's messages to Israel with His messages to Adventism. What is the only message which will allow Adventism to realize its potential and fulfill its mission?

13. "Protestant or Catholic?"

There are different views today of what is the Protestant or Biblical gospel and what is the Catholic gospel. In response to recent challenges raised that the traditional Adventist gospel is really more Catholic than Protestant, this paper attempts to show that the Adventist gospel is really Biblical and Protestant. It also shows the difference between the Catholic gospel and the Protestant gospel.

14. "Confusing the Gospel"

Another major challenge has been brought against the gospel as understood by Seventh-day Adventists. The evangelical understanding of salvation has become very popular among some Adventists. This article responds to this challenge to Adventism.

15. "When Error Surrounds Us"

Serious errors on righteousness by Faith (how we are saved) have been creeping into Adventist beliefs over the past twenty years. Some of them are now accepted as mainstream beliefs by many Adventists. What should our response be as we are confronted by these errors?

16. "Prophet or Priest?"

How should we respond to the dangerous theories of salvation which are circulating throughout Adventist churches and schools? Should we exercise "toleration" when strange teachings and practices spread more and more widely?

17. "The Human Nature of Christ -- Revisited"

During the last few years, a number of articles on the nature of Christ have been appearing in our journals. This paper focuses on the four major issues underlying the debate. The importance of these issues for the identity and mission of the Adventist Church reveals why this debate will not go away any time soon.

18. "Questions on Doctrine -- Deja Vu"

Andrew University has reprinted the controversial book Questions of Doctrine, with extensive footnotes and explanations. this paper examines the reasons for the often bitter controversy, and its relation to Adventist eschatology.

19. "New Light For Adventists"

This article examines four subjects that have been gaining prominence in conservative Seventh-day Adventist thinking--The Sacred Name, The Trinity, Dual application of prophecy, and Feast days.

20. "God on Trial"

A study of the great controversy, beginning with Lucifer's challenge and God's response, and focusing on the crucial role of the final generation in refuting Satan's accusations against the law and character of God.

21. "Will The Great Controversy End Soon?"

A survey of the controversy between God and Satan from the beginning of Satan's accusations through God's supreme answer in the cross to the final generation. What part does the "fit man" play in God's ultimate vindication?

22. "Fifty Years Under Review"

A historic conference was convened in 2007 to discuss the impact of Questions on Doctrine on the last 50 years of the Adventist Church. This article reviews the major concerns of Walter Martin and how we answered him. One aspect not often studied is the relation of the doctrine of original sin to Questions on Doctrine.

23. "The Legacy of Ford"

Desmond Ford changed the theological landscape of Adventism in the areas of the gospel and the sanctuary. What were his actual teachings about the method of salvation, and how has this impacted the thinking of Adventists during the last 30 years?

24. "Experience-Driven Christianity"

A new phenomenon in Christianity is the “emerging church.” Why is this movement extremely dangerous? What is contemplative prayer? What is a labyrinth? What does “ancient-future” mean? Who is involved in this movement?

25. "Do We Have an Adventist Gospel?"

There has been much opposition to the distinctive Adventist gospel in recent years. This article examines the basic issues in a unique Adventist gospel—the nature of sin, the humanity of Christ, justification and sanctification, and character perfection in the final generation.

26. "The Last Piece of the Puzzle"

When Jesus came to live among us, how much like us was He really? Did He feel our emotions and experience our struggles? What did it mean that He went through the second death experience? Did He have the assurance that He would see His Father again? What part did the Father play in the closing hours of Christ's life? What is the song of Moses and the Lamb? This study examines the place that the final generation plays in the great controversy struggle. How does this make a difference in our daily decisions and choices?

27. "Original Sin, Forgiveness, and Obedience"

How has the doctrine of original sin affected our understanding of forgiveness and obedience? This study examines briefly the historical development of the doctrine of original sin. It also looks at past and present opposition to the 1888 message, and the final atonement of Christ in the Most Holy Place. Another issue is the third principle of the Reformation--the priesthood of all believers.

28. "O Lord Jesus, How Long?"

The victory of God over Satan is a long and complicated process. This paper looks at the four necessary stages in Satan's fall from heaven, which must take place before the universe will be secure from another rebellion. We are currently involved in stage three of the process of vindicating God's name and government from the false accusations made by Satan. What is the mission of the "remnant" of Bible prophecy in this process? Why has God specifically called the Seventh-day Adventist Church into existence?

29. "Will Our Church Go Forward?"

What is the real mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Is it more than taking the gospel to the world? One section deals with the theistic evolution debate. The final section reviews the inaugural sermon of Elder Ted Wilson at the 2010 General Conference session.

30. "Why Am I Here?"

How differing worldviews affect our understanding of why we exist and what our future holds. This presentation responds to some of the major objections to belief in Christianity and God.

31. "Hold Fast Till He Comes"

Do we look to the events before the coming of Christ with hope or fear? Perhaps the important issue is actually how we are living our lives day by day, rather than thinking about how we will face the future. How can we have a strong, vibrant experience with Christ?

32. "Higher Than the Highest"

What is the proper relationship between justification and sanctification? What is the purpose of each? The last section of this study examines some of the most amazing and faith-stretching statements ever made by Ellen White about the possibilities open to truly born-again Christians.

33. "Our God Is a Consuming Fire"

This is a sermon preached by A. T. Jones in 1898. If we have any hope of seeing God as He is in His full glory, we must allow the consuming fire of His presence to consume all sin from our lives today.

34. "The Power of Forgiveness"

Drawn from the writings of E. J. Waggoner, this study shows that in the 1888 message justification or forgiveness is much more than a declaration. It is a living power that changes the heart and makes us righteous, obedient to God’s will.

35. "Our Failure – God’s Victory"

The ongoing legacy of confusion about the gospel due to our failure to learn from the 1888 conflict. How God will bring about victory in spite of our failures.

36. "Faith Is the Victory"

Do we really know what the mission of the Adventist Church is? We have focused so much on outreach and church growth that we have forgotten that our primary purpose is to receive the seal of God and the latter rain. Only then will the gospel go to all the world. Victory over all sin is possible only through the same faith that produced victory in Christ.

37. "Five Years to the Gates of Heaven"

This study focuses on the five-year period between 1888 and 1893. It was during this period that we came closer to the second coming of Christ than at any other time in our 170 year history. What happened then, and what can we learn that will enable the gates of heaven to open to us this time?

38. "Crisis at the Close"

The crisis at the close of Christ’s life has important lessons to teach us about the crisis the remnant people will face at the close of earth’s history. We will need an experience in prayer demonstrated by Christ if we have any hope of surviving Satan’s attacks on those who dare to defy him as he brings his greatest deceptions during earth’s final hours.

39. "Cleanse and Close"

Only by receiving the latter rain of the Holy Spirit do we have any hope of completing the mission given to the remnant church. Only those who by God’s grace have overcome all sin will receive the gift of the latter rain and have the seal of God placed in their foreheads. The plan of God in the final generation is to cleanse the hearts of His covenant people, to cleanse His true church from all sin, and to cleanse His sanctuary of the records of all accumulated sins. The primary mission of the Adventist Church is to cooperate with God in this final work.

40. "Challenges to Truth"

During 2018, four new books were published (three from Andrews University). All of them had the same objective, to oppose and discredit Last Generation Theology. This article examines one of those books, God’s Character and the Last Generation. Is this a legitimate objective or a one-sided attempt to misrepresent those who believe that there will be a unique group of Christians who will be living during the close of probation and the seven last plagues?

41. "Distractions"

As God is preparing a generation of His followers to receive the seal of God and the latter rain of the Holy Spirit, Satan is doing his best to distract them from their mission. This article is not about apostasy or false teachings, but about two areas that Satan is using to focus our minds on anything but the character maturity that God’s people must have in order to complete their mission. These two areas are conspiracy theories and politics.

42. "The Trojan Horse"

The greatest danger to Adventism today is not liberalism but evangelicalism. We know the dangers of open attacks upon God and the Bible, but we seem to be unaware of the even more dangerous evangelical theology, which seems on the surface to be so similar to Adventism. What is evangelical theology and how has this movement influenced politics in the United States? More importantly, how have Adventists been influenced by this movement?

43. "God at Risk"

The most important subject in Scripture is the atonement. After Lucifer challenged the character and government of God, how has God responded to Satan’s brilliant offensive? This study examines the three phases of God’s counter-offensive, focusing primarily on the relationship between the sacrificial atonement and the final atonement. After Christ’s victory on the cross, what else is necessary to shut down Satan’s remaining objections to God’s way of handling the problem of sin? Do we have a significant part to play as the great controversy comes to its close?

Matthew Priebe Documents

1. "How Should We Treat the Animals?" by Matthew Priebe

Our world is full of animals. Does it make any difference what we do to them? Do we have a duty to protect them or can we use them as we please? What does the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy say on this subject? If we have dominion, are we doing a good job?

2. "Red in Tooth and Claw" by Matthew Priebe

Predators. What are they? Where did they come from? And what is their reason for existence? When God created life on Earth, He made everything perfect, with no trace of death or killing. How do animals that eat other animals fit into God’s plans? Did they evolve naturally? Did Satan manufacture them? Or did God create them after all? (This is also available as a DVD. See the Resources page.)

3. "Without This Animal You Will Die!" by Matthew Priebe

How important are animals to our own survival? Are there any animals so important that we could not keep living without them? As we look at the world God has made and the life He has populated it with, we might be surprised to learn which of His creation is pivotal to our continued existence.

4. "Who Really Needs More Faith" by Matthew Priebe

When we look at the universe and everything in it, does it take more faith to believe in creation or evolution?

5. "MENE, MENE, TEKEL" by Matthew Priebe

Weighing Climate Change, Pope Francis, and Vegetarianism. Looking at current events
and the Pope’s 2015 encyclical on caring for the Earth, which of these three will be found

6. "Does Inspiration Support Veganism?" by Matthew Priebe

What is God’s revealed will about our diet? We look at the history of how God spoke through inspiration on this subject, from Eden through now.

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