Welcome to Dennis Priebe Seminars

     Dennis Priebe is a Seventh-day Adventist minister, with 50 years experience as a pastor, a teacher, and seminar speaker. He and his family joined Amazing Facts to help it achieve the goal of nurturing newborn Christians into mature Christianity. Their ministry is directed primarily toward those who have already made their commitment to Christ, but who want to grow into the fullest possible relationship with Him.
     Pastor Priebe and his family accept invitations from Adventist churches across the United States for weekend or week-long series on the subject of righteousness by faith. It is their deep conviction that the only way God's people will ever fulfill their divine commission of preparing the way so that Jesus can return is through a clear understanding and a corresponding experience of the total gospel of Christ our Savior.

2014/15 Winter Seminar Schedule

December 12-13 Angwin Village Church, CA
January 3 Galt Church, CA
January 10 Hopland Fellowship, CA
January 16-17 Sacramento Central Church, CA
February 13-14 Christchurch, New Zealand
February 20-21 Auckland, New Zealand
February 27-28 Melbourne, Australia
March 6-7 Sidney, Australia
March 13-14 Brisbane, Australia

For further information regarding these meetings, contact Cathy at (916) 209-7286